Staff Lists: The Top 100 Tracks of 2012 | Features | Pitchfork

Gotta Agree with Most of this List, although I am sad that “Do You…” by Miguel isn’t on it :(

Diplo Has the Best Backstage Rider | News | Pitchfork

Screw Brown M&Ms when you can have gorillas and an Arranged marriage for your rider.

Infinite Kraftwerk.

Infinite Kraftwerk.

Swans: The Seer | Album Reviews | Pitchfork

Ok, so this Album I haven’t posted about a ton but it’s sort of a combo of insanity as well as just amazingness. Although the part where the music is just a guy panting for 4 mins is a little weird.

Pitchfork Set Up a List Site

This is my list from 1996, may add more, but fairly happy with it thus far.

Pitchfork Presents: Soundplay

So… Pitchfork is making games… sorta, inspired by indie music. These games are pretty indie…

Chromatics: Kill for Love | Album Reviews | Pitchfork

Looks like I’ll be listening to some new stuff today. Goodnight all.

Music Videos | Wilco - Dawned on Me

Not completely sure what to think about this… Either really awesome or really weird.

Fucked Up - David Comes To Life : Let Her Rest / Queen of Hearts | Special Presentation | TV | Pitchfork

I heard about this… and now its being streamed. The entire concert. You better watch this… it is extremely worth it.

Albums of the Year Pt. 3

Number 8 is: Kate Bush 50 Words for Snow

Kate Bush

When one thinks of having 50 words for snow, one thinks back to the old wive’s tale. It is said that eskimos have 50 words for snow, according to the tale. From this short saying came Kate Bush’s newest album.

Kate, a song writer unknown to me, began to be subtly mentioned on Pitchfork and NPR Music. I payed no heed to the notes about this new great record. I just looked at the cover picture and thought: “Oh that looks melodramatic.” I wrote it off in my head. I gave no thought to it until it got played. Hearing the first song, Snowflake, I quickly realized the immense talent she had for songwriting. Listening to the rest of the album I was entertained, and immensely pleased at the work. She reminds me of a Proto-Joanna Newsom, who plays piano instead of Harp. 

The slow, thoughtful songs drip with so much soul compared to other artists, in my opinion (most notably Bon Iver), that she deserves this spot on the List.